Which WordPress Plugins should you use

Hegn from trådhegn and flethegn in combination with a wordpress design and pluginOne of the most popular CMS systems these days are WordPress. It’s a free open source CMS system and really easy to use. There are currently two versions of the system, one which is a hosted system on wordpress.com, here you can create a free blog and use their system to run it. The other are the version you can install on your own website, which can be downloaded from wordpress.org. Just a few years ago, other open source systems such as Typo3, Drupal and Joomla were really popular, but a lot of sites running these systems has switched to WordPress. But what is so great about WordPress. Well according to Peter Hegn, the guy behind Flethegn and Trådhegn, it’s actually a really simple reason why. It’s it very easy to install, configure and use. There are thousands of free design templates and plugins for the system, the more popular it becomes, the more people are coding new plugins or designing new templates, which will again increase it’s popularity. We asked Peter Hegn which plugins he would recomming for a good WordPress installation, since there are way to many to choose among for those with a limited knowledge of the system. Here are mr. Hegn’s top 5 recommendation.

Ithemes Security
Formerly known as Better WP Security, it’s a most if you are running a professionel site. With WordPress being one of the most used systems in the World, it’s also the system that has the most focus from hackers or other people trying to ruin your site. The more visible your website becomes in the search engines, the more hacking attemts it will get. And without a good security plugin, such as Ithemes security you are likely to be infeced with virus or hacked at some point.

Contact Form 7
Another useful WordPress plugin are the Contact form 7. It’s a super easy way of adding a contact form on your website, allowing your customers to send you a message through your own website, without them having to send it as a mail. The only problem is that a lot of spamming tools are targeting this plugin, and using the contact forms on many sites to send all kinds of spam and junk messages. There are ways around that, but Contact Form 7 is still one of my favorite plugins, and a most on all my sites.

All in one SEO
Most website owners want their site to be found on the search engines, and a good onpage SEO are one way of increasing the chances of being found. I remember installing this plugin on my site Trådhegn, and within 2 months, my traffic had increased by almost 20%. It’s really easy to set up and configure, and can help you avoid problems such as duplicated content, setting page titles, selecting which pages are nofollow or noindex ect.

Better WP cache
One of the more complex and advanced caching plugins. By using a caching plugin, you can ofte make your website load faster for your customers by using various caching and compressing techniques.

One of my favorite image compressing plugins. Most websites out there, don’t compress their images, and could gain a lot of extra speed by using a plugin such as Yahoo SmushIT. The best part is that you can run it on all your previously installed images. And it will then compress them without any visible quality loss.

Web: http://www.perlcritic.org/selecting-right-wordpress-plugins/