What to consider when creating a webdesign

porteDesigning a website isn’t always an easy task. But if you ask some it is, they are told make a website for a site selling fences, and they sit down and start out right away, a few days later they got the design done and implemented. This is something we see over and over, and sometimes they manage to come up with a nice and useful design for their customers, but most of the time it’s a failure. It may be a great design, but ofte it’s not very userfriendly, targeting the wrong audience or doesn’t really fit what the company is selling. A few days ago a friend of mine asked me to look at the new design they had gotten for their company Hegn and Porte. Hegn and Porte is a metal company selling all kinds of steel solutions to other companies. It was pretty obvious that everything was from a standard template and only the text and the logo had been changed. This is also something that is quite common in the design industri. While a lot the standard premium templates are quite good, they ofte still needs some customization in order to fit the website they are used on. It was pretty clear that this wasn’t the case with Hegn, for instance they had used a dark puple as the main color, several places on the page were flower patterns as background. While this may have worked nicely for a hairdresser it certainly didn’t on a website related to steel.

But what do you need to consider when creating a new site? Well for one thing, start by learning a little more about your customer. What are they selling, and what are their policy? For instance if the company care about the envoriment and have spend a lot of money making their production as enviromental friendly as possible, adding a few green colors to the website may be welcome. Who are their customers, is it mainly women, young people or elderly business men? This is important because different types of people, navigate differenly on a website. For instance many elderly are having an easier time using a broad navigation structure over a deep structure. Certain colors are also more appealing to certain groups, for instance if the main audience are tweens, you may want to add some more colors, polls and other special features to keep them interested. Is it a business information site, make it more simple and remove those elements that isn’t nessesary. You also need to consider making it responsive, so that it works well on both a desktop computer, a tablet and a smartphone.

Another important step is finding the right webhotel solution. Selecting a cheap but slow solution may work for sites where people don’t have to change pages a lot and the number of visitors are relatively low, but if you run an ecommerce site with thousands of daily visitors, then you want a very fast solution, which often cost a bit more.