Website Not Converting – Try Benefit Bullets

We live in an age when people’s attention spans are dwindling rapidly. No where is this illustrated more profoundly than on the web, many people will hit the back button in seconds if they don’t see what they want. Long pages of text simply aren’t read, but bullets illustrating the benefits of your product or services can be very effective.

When using benefit bullets, you must consider more than just which benefits you want to list. In order to make them as effective as possible, you have to be careful about how your bullets look on the page and even they type of symbol you use for them.

Your bullets can’t be thought of in isolation, but as part of your overall copy, so it all has to work together. You don’t want to take the trouble to create bullet points and have them disregarded because they’re not well formatted or placed. Let’s explore some of the main considerations you should keep in mind when using benefit bullets.


We’re used to seeing bullet points following the introduction to a product that’s being sold. You can see how this can be effective. As effective as bullet points can be, though, if there are too many of them in one list they start to lose their power. More than half a dozen or so is as long as they should be for maximum impact. Also, use bullets as much as you can in other areas of your copy. People are real skimmers and scanners online, and the bullets greatly facilitate that process. Shorter sets of bullets also create more white space on the page, which is always beneficial.

There are certain formatting rules that apply to benefit bullets online, and it’s really pretty easy to figure this out. But, we just wanted to mention it and be sure you are aware of it because it does matter. Bullets should be indented, and in a way that’s uniform from one line to the next.

If you need any guidance in this area, look at some professionally done sales pages online. You also want to be certain that your bullets look as they should no matter what browser someone is using, so do some tests on this. Sometimes, for example, using an IE browser will create certain formatting problems.  Also check what they look like using a proxy or secure VPN service like this, many people use these tools nowadays and they can effect a sites display and formatting.

There aren’t many copywriting tools that are more useful to you than benefit bullets. You can decide what aspect of your offer you want to highlight by using bullets. You can create immediate enthusiasm about your offer this way. Your bullets should tell people the best reasons for ordering your product. This is a sneak peek and it has to be effective and full-weight. Even if some readers don’t look at anything but your Don’t hype it up and ruin the effect, but you can write something really powerful.

What I recommend you do is read this until you are sure you understand, and then go check out the benefit bullets in high quality copy.

Aside from recent examples, you can look at how traditional copywriters used them. For more recent models to look at, check out affiliate networks such as Clickbank. Once you begin your study, you’ll notice how many places benefit bullets are used.


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