Webdesign And Usability: HTML 5

nyt-tag-tegntagDid you know that owning and running a website is not that simple? yes, if you own a website, you need to have a lot of considerations in order to get the most out of it. First, you need to make sure that your website is accessible. It is very important that your website is easy to access by the website visitors. No one wants to stay long waiting for a website to open up. Website visitors don’t want to stay longer period just to wait a website to open. So, you have to make sure that your website is user-friendly. Of course, aside from the content of the website, webdesign is another very important thing to consider. Many also choose to use one of the default webdesign creator apps such as Nyt tag, Briketter or FastHTML. If you have that nice webdesign, your website would surely have an increase numbers of visits. Website visitors would not hesitate to open up again your website. Webdesign is very important. Once your website has that professional webdesign, website visitors would appreciate every page of your site. However, this cannot be achieved without website design and website usability. You must keep in mind if you wanted to add interactivity for your site in order to improve the UX aspect. It will become more appealing to the website visitors.

The decline of Flash use for these cases can be credited to HTML 5. The advances in web technologies like HTML 5 help make your website more appealing. Nowadays, Flash is on a fast decline, HTML 5 becomes dominant. HTML 5 is the modern evolution of the standard that defines HTML. It represents 2 different aspects. First, it is the latest version of language HTML with attributes, new elements and behaviors. In Nyt Tag or FastHTML you can easily do this, with a few clicks without any knowledge of HTML or programming. Second, it has a bigger set of technologies that allows powerful websites and applications and more diverse. This set is called “HTML5 & friends” or to make it shorten “HTML5”. Most people who are not yet aware on how this HTML 5 reigns today, they would probably have a dry website. A dry look of a website would never entice website visitor to browse his/her site. Indeed, the dominant HTML 5 is having a name in the world of Webdesign and Usability these days. HTML designed to be usable through all open web developers.

HTML 5 has numerous resources of web technologies that are classified into various groups based on each function. These groups are namely semantics, connectivity, offline and storage, multimedia, 2D/3D graphics and effects, performance and integration, device access and styling which can all be done in both FastHTML and Nyt Tag. Semantics designed to describe more appropriately of what your content is. In Nyt Tag, you just click on the element and then set up the text and properties for it. Connectivity is designed to communicate with the server in innovative and latest ways. Offline and storage are designed to allow web pages to store data locally in client-side and to operate more offline effectively. Multimedia designed to create video and audio first-class citizens onto the open web. 2D/3D graphics and effects designed to allow more various range of presentations selections. Performance and integration would provide large speed optimization and to have better usage of computer hardware. Device access would allow the usage of several output and input devices. Styling is the last one that will let authors write more advance themes.

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