Web Designer Skills – What Do You Need?

As a web designer, I get a variety of requests for advice aside from web design, and as a web designer I am not actually imagine in order to do things outside the web design region. I consider there are misconceptions about what just a web designer does. In this post I will nail down what a web designer need to be able to do and just what they is. First I will reach of the differences between a web developer and a web designer. A web designer is someone who creates layout and the visual design of a web page. A web developer is someone who does a website’s behind the scenes programming.

The web give company/organizations by building them a site an internet presence. Web designers are professionals who arrange advice, create page layouts, while conveying the advice/views in a web site of the company. Web designers create another medium for the company to grow into. Creating a web site enables the company to bring new customers, showcase its services/products, and to work across states (as opposed to one place).

They will understand all the technologies that are involved in your web site.   They have the skills that can move your site up from the home-made level to the slick and corporate feel. They know how your site will react in all sorts of situations perhaps accessed from an Android mobile, a non-standard Mac browser or relayed through a fast proxy network.

What sort of tasks does a  web designer undertake?

This is a very good question. An excellent web designer should have the capacity to do the development and the layout, sadly for you the consumer, it does not always work that way.

Your web designer must have the ability to perform the following:

  • * Comprehend and keep present will all new emerging technology
  • Layout web pages using other programming languages, and HTML, XHTML, XML
  • Interpret demands, your thoughts and expectations into a web page
  • Design navigation components (like navigation bars)
  • Comprehend and execute internet standards
  • Have a fundamental understanding of images, typography and color theory
  •  Comprehend demands of usability testing and of users
  •  Have skill to assess a target market
  •  Comprehend the best way to repair them and cross browser issues
  •  A great web designer also has knowledge of programming languages like:
  •  Python
  •  Java
  •  JavaScript
  •  SQL
  •  PHP

Let’s face it, just might not be easy to find a web designer to have all those distinct programming languages under their belt. It’s like understanding English, Chinese, French and German or being able to code a solution to detecting whether a visitor has a fake IP address. Rather complicated. However, take it from me the more languages your designer understands the better. That should help you on your own hunt for a really decent and professional web development individual.