Web Based Board Games

While traditional board games have entertained families and friends for hundreds of years, the move to playing computer based games has been monumental in the last decade or so. The popularity of these games just seems to keep increasing as developers and designers fall over themselves to come up with ever more engaging and attractive web based board games for people to play and enjoy.

What is it that makes these fun, family oriented Internet games so popular and so attractive to players the world over? Let’s take a look at the reasons people play board games online in preference to their real life traditional counterparts.


One way in which web based games have an edge over traditional physical family games is in the way they can be presented. Recent advances in the hardware technology that provides the capability to render ever more amazing graphics has given developers and designers so much more scope to play with when it comes to creating really incredible graphical interfaces.

People are easily attracted to visual triggers, which is why television has been such a phenomenal success story for advertisers. More recently of course, computer based advertising has become the latest “must have” solution to selling more products.

Games are no different. Because they are based on visual stimuli as the primary interactive mode, the more exciting and attractive the graphical presentation, the more people will go for them in a big way.


Of course, a combination of accelerated graphics hardware, Internet connection speed and software enhancements factored in to take full advantage of these benefits has resulted in games that are almost lifelike in representation. While many younger players are glued to the latest shoot ’em up or car chase themed games, older players are getting into virtual board games in a big way too.

The almost instantaneous response speed of web based games now makes them so realistic, many people are expressing a preference to playing them instead of setting up a real game board on their living room tables for people to get around. With multi-player capability and being able to play opponents on the other side of the world just adds to the attractiveness of these games.

Traditional Board Games

Of course, there is still a huge market for traditional board games and timeless classics like chess, checkers and backgammon will always have their place in people’s living rooms. Families will still enjoy getting around the Monopoly board for some real entertainment with the advantage that if the power goes down, you can still play by candle light or flashlight!

But web games are here to stay and will only continue to evolve into better versions of themselves. As long as designers and programmers can keep churning out ever better games, more and more people will be playing them.