Tyroler Kostumer – Redesigning their website

Time for another example of a redesign. This time the website Tyroler Kostumer which can be seen here. It’s a small online costume site, with focus on the oktoberfest or beerfest as some call it. They had an old site which looked like this:

Tyroler kostumer og udkl├Ždning til oktoberfest

Why analysing their Google Analytics account, they could see that a lot of their visitors left the site soon after visiting it. Often the reason for this is either:

Wrong information on the page, compared to which keywords they have searched for or it’s because the design looks so bad, that people either don’t want to hurt they eyes any more by looking at the site, or it simple doesn’t look trustworthy enough. The last part is especially important if you are running an E-commerce store. This isn’t the case with Tyroler Kostumer, but if it had been another site, a website then the problem would have been even worse. If the site doesn’t looko trustworthy and professionel, then a lot of people wouldn’t feel very safe typing in their credit card information on your site, and you would very likely loose a lot of sales.
The high bouncerate was one thing, but the old site had a lot of other issues. One of them being the navigation structure. It was actually pretty hard to find what you where looking for on the page, which resultet in people either leaving the site or using the contact form to get in touch with the siteowners and asking them for the information needed. Because of this, they had a lot of additional support, that could easily have been avoided, if their visitors had an easier time finding the info. The next problem was the design itself which looked really bad. With a design like this people can’t really take the site and it’s content serious. The owners knew that, but they had gotten a great offer on the first website and being low on funds as this was only a hobby project, they had taken the offer. The final problem with the site was the CMS system, it was something homemade, by their old design firm, and very hard to add new content to the site.
Now it was time to get all of this fixed, and after 3 weeks of hard work tyrolerudklaedning.dk now looked like this:


It’s still a low budget site, so not a lot of fancy features or a breathtaking design, but it’s a much cleaner site, buiding in the WordPress CMS system to keep the costs down. People can easily find the information they need now, and it looks at least trustworthy enough to make people believe the text there. Here 2 months after they got their site, they have already seen the improvements. They get a lot less support emails and their bouncerate has been cut almost in half. Now Tyroler kostumer got a site they can easily update, and they save time answering support emails.