Strategies for Building Backlinks to a New SIte

Creating targeted backlinks for your new website is not as difficult as people make it out to be. Just like much else with business, you can get yourself in a fix if you are doing it wrong. But once you take the time to discover how you should proceed, then things become different. Just like with PPC advertising, you can surely cause more harm than good if you do not know the basics. The article below goes into three effective ways to build relevant backlinks to your site, even if it’s brand new.

It is fairly easy to create a slew of blogs, and then you can use them as you wish such as backlinks. If you visit (not dot org), then you will get an excellent example of this. Keep in mind that your content has to be applicable to your primary site content. Obviously this is not an overnight process; that is why the get rich quick people avoid it.

However this can be more difficult depending on the subject matter, simply down to choice.  Say your blog is about lawnmowers like this website –, what this site needs most of all is links from related sites like gardening, tools and similar.  However as many of these sites will also be search for links and are effectively competitors these will obviously be difficult to obtain.  Although links from unrelated sites are much less effective they still have some benefit and are much easier to get.

Another great approach is writing press releases, and then you simply submit them to various press release sites. The best part about this tactic is that you don’t have to consciously go out there and get links. Do your own research on this so you will have a better idea about how it works. In addition to backlinks, you will get more traffic once you have some built up.

You may have heard that link exchanging does not work anymore; that is just plain wrong on all accounts. Relevant websites and blogs are the best way to go, and that will give you more link juice if you do it the right way. You will not be penalized about sites that link to you, but you can be if you link to bad neighborhoods. Yes, you can fall out of favor with the major search engines for messing this one up, so take all precautions.

The above article gives effective ways to get backlinks to a new website, but these methods are of no use if you don’t take action. If you want things to happen on their own, then I’m sorry, it just won’t happen because without targeted effort and consistency, you won’t see results. Also, don’t just depend on what you learned here and other places, but do take notes from your own experience and learn from your mistakes. There are so many different ways to get things done in your IM business that you could never possibly do them all.

James Cameron