Specific Content Creation Tips

Sometimes you need to branch out with your content creation, perhaps to target a particular demographic or audience. Perhaps you might want to reach out to a different area which you’ve not covered before – it can be difficult to get started with creating different content.

There are some tools available that many marketers use, that search across the web and bring in snippets of ideas that you can use. The problem with this method is that it’s difficult to write quality content from hundreds of little snippets of information. Your resultant article will end up being disjointed or difficult to read in many instance. However the method these tools use – simply searching the web can be a very effective form of inspirations.

First of all, one of the best sources of inspiration for content is to see what’s in the news currently. Switch you browser to www.google.com/news and put in some of your keywords. You’ll get a whole host of ideas and stories that are in the news currently. You often won’t need to go much further than this, these are great topics to write on as it gives your sites some relevancy. Make sure you bookmark all the stuff that’s interesting and could a good source for future articles – content tends to disappear from Google News after all so you’ll need to find it again.

Search in different countries, all search engines tailor your queries to your current location. This is fine normally but if you’re looking for inspiration then it might be a good idea to vary your location. One way many people do this is relay their connection through a proxy server, so for example if I’m in the UK and want an American viewpoint on a topic then I’d relay my connection through a USA proxy – like this demonstrates. Sometimes you’ll get hugely different results from this method and it will often open many new ideas at the same time.

Ask for help – we all get writers block sometimes, if you’re finding generating new content difficult on a particular subject then it might be best to just take a break or write on another topic. Reach out to other bloggers or webmasters and see if they would like to exchange posts. Often people are in the same boat and a change of scene can work wonders. You also bring another perspective to your own site which is always useful – you should attribute the work to the original author in your post as well.

Finally following on from the proxy suggestion above, you can watch and access media sites in different countries and look for inspiration. Normally sites like this – the big TV channels for example, are blocked to anyone except domestic citizens. However by using a proxy you can bypass these restrictions and watch things like Hulu/NBC in the UK and even access the BBC Iplayer outside the UK – watch this. It’s amazing how many new ideas you can get from media outside your own country.