Some Innovative Traffic BUilding Techniques

What do you need to make a website successful and profitable? Well there’s a few possible answers to this question but in my opinion, there’s only one thing that no website can do without and that’s traffic.

The big mistake early on for many is thinking that traffic magically appears once the site has been made. It really does matter that you have researched your initial plans for traffic creation so you can make any changes to your site if necessary. What can you do to get targeted exposure? There are several ways to approach that question, but in the end you need solid information and then taking action on it. Just about all traffic strategies can be made to work, and there are differences among them as well. The purpose of the following article is to give you an insight into how you can leverage various traffic creation methods to get targeted results.


You do not need to have a blog if you have a static site, but you should think about making a companion blog. What can happen is your site will gain extra SEO points due to the presence of the blog. All the major search engines love blogs and give them high priority; so if you add a good, informative blog to your website, you’ll only benefit from it. There will still be the need to make a high quality blog, so do not be lazy about it. Your blog posts will get indexed as well as the comments, and it opens up new avenues.

You can tap into insane traffic if you know how to navigate your way through Digg and Reddit. For one thing they have millions of users and readers, plus they can rank well sometimes. It is fun to play with it, and you can run some quick tests and then check out the search rankings for the keywords you used. You see, the more votes you can get for your story, the more prominent it will be on the site. If you want to game the system slightly then there are tools that can help you use multiple accounts to promote, be careful though you’ll need something to hide your IP address. This tool which people use to stream UK TV can be used for this purpose. Ultimately, your aim here is to get your site on the front page of Digg and/or Reddit, and if you get this right, there’s absolutely no looking back.

There are all kinds of ways you can develop traffic using videos, and the king of video is still Youtube. The combination of other video sharing sites besides Youtube may not make the effort worthwhile.

You can very easily make pretty nice videos, and there are tons of resources you can find pretty easily. You just need to take the plunge and learn from your experience, and a lot of Internet marketers think that video marketing is reserved only for a few niches, which is not true. The hardest part for all in business is the beginning when you have little to no traffic. Traffic is the one thing that will make or break your site, and even bad traffic is just about as good as no traffic. Sending traffic to your site using a variety of methods is better than only focusing on one method. It is smart to have diversity in the way you create traffic, but do not let your efforts get too thin. The only condition being that you take regular action, without giving up.

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