Some Common Website Mistakes

If you have a business, then there’s really no reason for not having a website. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local tradesman, a taxi driver or a multinational – you should have a web presence of some kind. However if you do invest in a site, it’s vitally important that you make it work for you – here’s some mistakes that many business owners make with their new sites.

First of all, although you may have limited funds and time to invest in your site – there’s somethings that are essential. One very basic mistake that people make is not having their contact information and location easy to find. For many local businesses this is really the primary objective of a website – a place where someone can find out how to contact you – make it bold and easy to find.

Don’t overdo the content – another common mistake is to try and fill your pages with too much information. It’s a huge put off for any one browsing your site, it makes us click away. Short paragraphs, a couple of key images and some white space (gaps between the text and graphics) will make your site more visually appealing and easier to use.

Next make sure you keep your site up to date, one of the worse things to see on a website is completely out of date information. If you’re not going to keep the content up to date then don’t include anything that is too topical – keep it simple with just a basic site promoting your goods/service and business. If people see that a website is full of dead links and expired content then they’ll wonder if your business is still running.

Track your visitors and their visits, this is easy to do with the right analytic package installed, you can use Google Analytics for nothing, which will tell you a lot about your visitors. Although some information is hidden especially if people deliberately hide their location using VPNs, proxies and Smart DNS you can still pick a lot of useful information about what sort of people are accessing your site and whether they’re likely to become customers.

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