Promotion techniques for your Facebook Fan Pages

Proper promotion of Facebook fan pages is one of the biggest problems marketers need to solve today. Getting new fans to the page you have created is important to your success because having a large fan base can be quite helpful. An easy way to reach out to a large number of people in your niche is to optimize your page for the search engines. It’s true: you can easily do good SEO on your fan page so that it will get fresh traffic from the major search engines regularly. The best part about using this method of promotion is that the traffic you get from the search engines will actually be interested in what you are offering. Keep reading to learn how to use SEO to give yourself a traffic boost to your Facebook page.

It is very important for you to pick an effective Facebook username. Usernames in Facebook and vanity URLs are the equivalent of regular domain names. Someone else will get it if you don’t. It is critical that, as soon as you get started, you register the URL of your fan page. You should be careful not to make your URL look spammy, even if you are using generic keywords, because Facebook has been known to blacklist usernames before. Just keep things simple and choose your URL based on your business name. Make every effort to offer frequent updates of content that is fresh and unique. Today, wall posts, status updates, and other types of posts show up in a search. The more often you update and add new content, the more opportunities your fan page has to be found in Facebook searches. Be sure to add a few generic keywords to your posts so you can get even greater representation in Facebook searches.

You can get search engine traffic to your Facebook pages but it’s often supplementary. This page for a product called Identity Cloaker ranks very well for a number of high traffic terms but receives the majority of it’s traffic from other Facebook users.

Don’t look beyond the power of offering your audience a reward for joining your fan page following. Give away something of value so that your potential fans in your niche come to know of your page and join. This doesn’t just offer better recognition from search engines but also gets you that extra traffic that will put you over the top. This allows even more people to see your brand in a favorable light. All in all, Facebook is a social network that is here to stay. There is no better way to get the word out about your product and company than by leveraging the power of millions of voices. Creating a quality fan page can help you build your brand and get targeted exposure. Combine that with the powerful tips above for better search engine optimization and watch your business really take off. The time and effort you spend creating and promoting your Facebook fan page is time well spent.

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