Organic Search Factors – Speed up your Blog

An often overlooked ranking factor for both web sites and blogs is that of speed. However over the last few years, Google and the other search engines have continually upgraded this status in it’s algorithms to the point where it’s a very important factor. Obviously it will vary depending on how and where your visitor is visiting, someone using a smart tv vpn can experience delays however those can be minimized if your blog is optimized for speed.

There are many things that can make a blog more or less popular, but one that sometimes gets overlooked is loading time. In fact, there have been an unknown number of times I have clicked away from a site because it was loading too slowly. Having a blog that loads efficiently is, then, essential if you want steady traffic. Not only does a slow blog chase people away, it will even harm your search engine ranking. Not long ago, Google publicly mentioned that load times are one element that affects a site’s ranking. If you want to have a popular, high traffic blog, you simply must care about the issue of load time; let’s see how you can make improvements in this area.


It’s always worthwhile to take any steps you can to make your blog more enjoyable to visit. Present your information in a way that’s reader friendly, as you want to hold onto visitors as long as possible. Even details you may not pay attention to, such as how long your paragraphs are, can play an important role.

Professional copywriters are well aware of this principle, which is why they vary their paragraph lengths. If all of your paragraphs are the same length, it creates a monotonous effect that you want to avoid. Paragraphs that are too long are hard to read, so you should put in a mixture of lengths ranging from very short to medium-long. Very short paragraphs are useful for highlighting certain things you want people to pay special attention to.

Graphics can also slow down your site, and there are a couple of ways to handle this. If you want the search engines to recognize your graphics, you can take a few different steps. There’s something known as web optimization that allows your images to load more quickly. Very often, your images are slowing down your site because the file sizes are so large -so what you want to do is decrease their size. Images can be optimized in this manner in any graphics program you might be using. One type of image you should avoid using are bitmap images. These images have high resolution and are attractive, but they also are large files. For faster loading times, you are better off sticking with smaller image files.

Any time you cache something into memory, it loads it into a memory location for faster access. So what that gives you is faster response times when your site or blog calls for it. You can easily accomplish this on your blog by installing a good plugin. There are a few plugins that can do this; Super Cache is the name of a widely used one. What this does is create a cache engine that will produce HTML files that are static. You can increase your loading times using this, but be careful you do not negate its purpose by adding more plugins just because you can. The greatest and smartest technique or way of thinking with IM is to look everywhere for something influential. An excellent illustration of this is having power over the experiences of other people when you buy an excellent ebook about online marketing. You have to maintain balance so you do not become a perpetual student and not a doer, though.

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