Mobile Marketing – Is Your Website Ready?

I think that most Internet Marketers see mobile marketing as something that is kind of dark and mysterious. That is fine and understandable, but if you want to survive and excel, then you need to be willing to venture out into the darkness. Mobile marketing is an expanding thing and is at the point where people who are willing to be a little bit courageous can do quite well for themselves with it. The people who jump onto the bandwagon after it becomes popular are going to be, for the most part, behind the curve. This is why you need to be willing to step beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone every so often.

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If your website is a few years old (or even older), then you almost certainly can do some things to update the content inside of your site. This refers to both the possible addition of new content and replacing of old content. If part of your site is downloadable content, like PDFs, you should make sure that they are as up to date as possible. Then you can re-market the downloads to your readers as being brought current for the new year, new month, etc. Publishing new content is great for the on-page SEO value of your site. Plus, it is just good for your audience to keep them up to date with current market news.

When you work with media buys, you will be working to purchase ad space on different sites which, if you’re smart, will be as targeted as you can possibly get them to be. One thing you can test out is sending people directly to a squeeze page or a landing page from your banner. The only thing that is really going to help you make it all work is to put together an extremely compelling offer to get people to opt-in. Then, forget asking for a name and only ask for an email address with your optin box. Just asking for an email has proven to get more conversions than asking for a name and email.

It makes all the difference for the returning traffic if your site stays active and doesn’t start to look stale. That can be the kiss of marketing death for any site. This is dangerous because people are going to just ignore something that they have already seen a bunch of times. So what you need to do is switch out some of the copy that has been the same since your site started. You can start by changing the copy for your opt-in download or whatever else has been the same since you first published your website. Just make sure you are very careful about the on-page elements that are very important like your link anchor text and the headlines. Changing these things has the potential to hurt your rankings so its best to leave them alone.

We always find it funny when we hear people say that PPC advertising doesn’t ever work and only causes people to lose a bunch of money. There are a lot of people, us included, who have done quite well using pay per click advertising. So, always learn about a marketing method before you dive into it though when it comes to PPC you can only read so much before it comes time to learn by doing.

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