Masking Identities – IP Addresses

For internet marketers, unfortunately one identity is rarely enough in fact most successful people have a large array of different personas. If you’re carefully creating a masterful identity as an SEO and Business expert online, it can get confusing to start promoting a different area of expertise as the same person. For example one SEO expert I know is also a very keen fisherman and has a fantastic site covering all sorts of angling resources, it is much easier to promote these sites with different identities in order to avoid confusion.

IT does make a difference, just imagine how it works in the corporate world, Coca Cola would never use it’s brand name to venture into the world of digital electronics or machinery, their brand is too important and associated with a certain product. They would create a separate company and market under a different brand trying to create another successful presence. Which is all the successful internet marketer is seeking to do, however without the resources of a multinational this sometimes can be rather difficult.


It’s not made any easier by the amount of tracking that goes online, we are all monitored. tracked and filtered every time we access any site. This is where the difficulty can arise, anyone involved in digital business who wants to run under multiple identities needs to take control of this tracking. Most importantly you need to control the single most important piece of online identification – your IP address. Although this is normally assigned by the device which allows you online, mostly through your ISP this little number is unique online and used to identify and track your location via every major web site you visit. It is why you can access some sites because of your location or why you cannot post on region locked advertising sites. For the internet marketer who wants to operate worldwide, a single geographical IP address is a real issue.

Which is why your first step is to ensure you have some control of this IP address and what you can do online. The easiest way is to use a service which will give you some privacy by hiding your real address. A simple proxy server is a start but for digital business people, investing in a VPN service is usually a much smarter move. In fact nowadays there are specialist companies which will even allocate you an address from a residential IP VPN this allows you to surf with complete anonymity as compared with the non-residential services which do offer protection but also sometimes can be locked out of some sites because the commercial tag assigned to the servers.

It is also important to have access to a range of these addresses, primarily in order to bypass region locking. So an truly global marketer would switch between US, UK and French IP addresses for example which allows them to use specific services only accessible to those regions. It also enables you to research your markets properly and investigate business opportunities.

Being able to switch identities online is not a single guarantee of success, however it is pretty much essential in order to maximise your chances. Most internet marketers will experience some success and failure in different markets and locations, being able to focus on the winners is a huge advantage.

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