How to Attract More Advertising to your Site

After you’ve gotten your blog to a good place (in terms of traffic and repeated visitors) you should start thinking about monetizing and selling ads. You’ve set up your foundation so now you just have to research the market. Prior to your starting to market your blog as a platform for advertising, you need to know which offers are the offers that will work the best.

The only ads you should run are ads that are relevant, this much should be obvious to you. Avoid accepting non-relevant advertisers because their conversions will be low. If this happens, even if you’ve made some money, you’re going to be in a no-win situation. You can get okay results from markets that are related to yours but you should still discuss things with potential advertisers. ¬†Look for something that your subscribers will need, one of the most successful adverts I’ve seen is for a product that allows you to watch UK TV abroad for free, which was placed on a site for expats.

Social media is very helpful…but it depends on which media portal you pick. If your site is leaning more towards the professionals, then create a presence on LinkedIn and here’s why. LinkedIn is the professional’s social media place of choice because that’s all you’ll find there. After you have set up your optimized account, start amassing contacts and join the groups that relate best to your own market.

The main goal of this activity is to start working on spreading the word about your business on the Internet. Then you can work on getting to know other businesses and building a good relationship with them. When you do this, you will find your way into conversations that might include people talking about you.

Selling ad space requires a huge level of proactivity on your part. You can also try to market your site to the better ezines that your ad market spends time reading. But you do need to understand who your prospects are as well as making absolutely sure that they actually do subscribe to those specific ezines. This is an old notion; go find your target market and make sure that you’re in front of them. Then you can run your own ads or write content for the ezine and get credit for it. This can work out quite well if you do the right sort of targeting with your marketing. Along this same vein, track down related websites that will let you contribute content to them. To get this to work, you shouldn’t target sites that directly compete with yours and make sure that your content is of the highest quality.

Keep your site secure, make sure you keep it updated especially if you’re using something like WordPress. ¬†Take care how you connect don’t use insecure technologies like old FTP clients or Telnet to run your site, if you have to run them over a fast VPN like this which will encrypt and secure your connection.

The sad truth is that most websites haven’t positioned themselves properly for selling advertising space. You will need to have at least a few things happening for you. Obviously every potential advertiser is going to want to see your traffic numbers. How much traffic is the mean cut-off is hard to say. But one thing for sure is the more targeted traffic you have, the more you can charge for ad space. If you can point to outside sources of people talking about your site, you’ll be able to drive up the prices of your site too. Your ad space needs a dedicated page that details it…just like you would do for any other product that you want to sell. You shouldn’t have that difficult a time selling ads on your site or blog because you’ve already got experience developing a really successful website. Because you’ve figured out how to market your site selling your ad space shouldn’t be all that difficult. You can find other specifics that matter as well, and they are pretty easy to track them down online.