Graphics and Conversion Rates

If you have website it is worth looking into your conversion rates. This is easy to find out – simply divide the number of hits you have in a week by the number of money making clicks you get. If you are running an Amazon affiliate website you should expect a conversion rate of 5% or more (Amazon nicely tells you the conversion rate). With an adsense site the click through rate (another name for conversion rate) should be higher – about 6%. If you are running a travel website with booking affiliates you should feel happy if you convert 2% of visitors to money.

The worry is that a website doesn’t have enough bells and whistles like shopping carts, social media plug-ins, forums, flash movies etc. Website owners tend to think that the more interactive a website is, the more money it will make. That is not always the case. Sometimes the interactive elements of a website can distract the browser from clicking through. Instead they end up playing with the map feature, or other cool gizomo you have on the site and lose the impetus to make a booking.

The trick is to use good graphics. Good graphic design on a site gives the website authority. It also makes the site look attractive. I have a very a simple website about Koh Samui accommodation. I found I improved my conversion rate dramatically by just using simple graphics in a flash movie at the top of the screen. I also use a subtle shading effect. The gizomo is tucked out of eyesight but subliminally works on the viewer. Since adding the graphic, my conversion rate has gone from under 1% to 2.5%.

People often say that just changing the color of the text in ads can dramatically increase revenue. They are right in highlighting the importance of graphic design. To the untrained eye it might not seem anything special, but these small graphic alternations have a profound impact on revenue.