Which are the WordPress Plugins Internet Marketers Need Most?

Internet marketers are wise to turn to WordPress for building all kinds of websites for them. You can create blogs, set up shopping carts and even run a portfolio site with this content management system. Plugins make it possible for mere mortals to accomplish geek-defying feats of coding complexity in a matter of seconds. These plugins are absolute tops for Internet marketers.


Probably the first plug-in you should add your blog is the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. This is something every blog should have even if you don’t sell merchandise on the Web. Having a sitemap is absolutely essential for your site or blog. This is how the search engine spiders know how to get around on your site. After updating blog posts on your webpage, your sitemap needs to be updated and resubmitted for indexing purposes. When you use this plug-in, it doesn’t for you, All you do is update your blogs and the rest happens automatically. You can now do all of your submissions worry free, and not know a single line of code.

CloudFlare is a multi-faceted plugin. It helps keep your site protected against attacks and helps increase your page loading speed.

Internet Marketing web pages need to load up as fast as possible. Unfortunately, if you have lots of graphics or dense code that your browser needs to translate, these things can slow down loading times. If a page loads too slowly, you risk people clicking away. The CloudFlare plugin can help you retain people’s attention (which makes it easier to make sales). You should carefully monitor it’s performance though, you can check the relative speed of your site by using the tool in Google’s Webmaster section. There are possible implications if you access your site’s admin panel through a proxy or VPN. I used to use an American DNS for Netflix but it caused all sorts of problems when accessing sites through Cloud Flare so just bear this in mind.

Then you should try Feed Pauser on your blog. If you are human, you’re more than likely to make an occasional mistake, especially after you have updated your website or blog. Even perfectionists do this! The difficulty with correcting these problems is that when you do this, it will automatically republish on the feeds that other people will be reading. The same post could actually be reposted several times, simply because you are making an update. If this is a possibility for you, you have to use Feed Pauser. It lets you pause before distributing your feed so that you can make sure what you publish is free of mistakes. Certain updates can be prevented from being sent to your feed at all if you choose to do so. You have full control!

Website building systems come and go. So do content management systems. WordPress, on the other hand, is here to stay. Very popular, it is used by Internet Marketers across the world. WordPress is so popular because of all of the plug-ins that can be used to give the users so much control. Of course, knowing which plugins are the best can be difficult. In this article, we have highlighted some of our favorites. We hope you’ve found this list useful!

John Halesworth
Source: British Proxy