Electric Shavers – Do You Go For Function or Design?

It seems we use computers for pretty much everything nowadays – they control out cars, our homes, our offices, and even the design of most everyday objects we use. The initial concept still has to come from a human being of course, but once an original design has been programmed into the humble computer, it becomes infinitely easier to tweak and improve on the design.

One area that has benefited immensely in this area is the design of electric shavers. Until relatively recently, most electric shavers took on the form of a cigarette packet with shaved edges (no pun intended). The designs were practical and functional, but they were never going to win any awards for innovation. In practice though their lack of aesthetics didn’t affect the quality of the shave in any way, but there’s no doubt the sleek designs we see today sell more shavers.

Many companies aspire to make the best electric shaver, but when you go above a certain price point there is little to choose between the best models available. The manufacturers are only too well aware of this, so attempt to differentiate their products by making them look as sharp as possible and by adding a host of new features that were unheard of a decade ago.

The new kid on the block as far as features are concerned is the self cleaning unit which also doubles as a charging station for the shaver. There’s a lot of debate whether or not this feature is worth the extra money you pay for it, but from a pure design standpoint, it makes the most up to date shavers seem a million miles away from the modified cigarette packs I mentioned before.