Does Your Landing Page do the Job?

The landing page is important, perhaps vital to the success of your online business. You may have lots of information and background pages but your landing pages are special, they’re important . Often potential customers arriving at your landing page have cost you money perhaps through PPC or advertising so it’s crucial they don’t just click away. Whether you go the direct sale route, get them to watch a video like this or simply try and snag email addresses – landing pages need to achieve some sort of outcome for your business to succeed.

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There are important and huge differences between a landing page and a regular website home page. It isn’t hard to figure out what’s what when you consider what is going on with those pages. Both pages have specific purposes but the landing pages are more immediate. You get to have your most desired response hopefully fulfilled by your visitors. When you have that kind of situation, then the whole dynamic changes which better change the way you approach things. You’ll have a different way of looking at things when you’re working on your page and you’ll be using the standard design tools much differently.

Internet users often browse hundreds of sites per day, which means you have an extremely short window of opportunity to capture their attention if you want them to spend any time on your site. That’s the cold, hard truth of the matter, and you simply have to face this. It’s hard to even calculate all of the factors that come into play regarding this decision. While there may be many elements that affect visitors’ decisions, one we can be sure is important is the headline on your landing page. So, always be direct in any headline you write and avoid being cute, artsy or collegiate. If people find a headline too hard to figure out, they’re likely to just click away, so be as clear and direct as possible.

It’s important to create a really good and really effective message for your opt-in box. It’s important to consider what happens when a person is willing to buy and is right on the brink of making that definite decision. A good sales person will know just what to say to move that person in the right direction. The situation on a landing page is similar because nobody who lacks interest actually visits a landing page. Then all you have to do is figure out what a skilled and very experienced sales person was going to say. Read the words written above the opt-in boxes on most of the landing pages that you find and you will see what others are doing for their clincher messages.

Take a step away from the typical approach to sales copy used on other places within your site. Typically you’ll only use copy (aka words) to share your marketing and informative messages. Sadly, on the landing page, there isn’t really enough space or time for this. Landing pages, by nature, are meant to be pretty short. It is important to make things mostly visual then. You can imply some messages and stories via images instead of relying solely on copy. Humans are very visually oriented, and men are more visual than women. Either way, choosing the right graphics and imagery can help you out quite a lot. A comprehensive study of landing page design will do you a world of good. This is a topic that isn’t really given as much attention as it deserves, especially in high profile marketing products. You can, however, access some low profile yet reliable ebooks, videos and other content, much of it free, in various places online. Hopefully, this article will have sparked your interest in looking for ways that you can improve your landing pages.

James Hetherington

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