Designing af new website for Mobilkøkken

untitledLast month I got a new job, redesigning the website for Mobilkøkken at, as it’s right now one big mess. Mobilkøkken is a site renting various container solutions such as containerudlejning, pavillon, skurvogn etc. But how do one get started on such a job? Well I am going to share some of my thoughts with you guys, as this is a pretty big design project. I have the task of designing af new website for Mobil Køkken up in several sub tasks.

Reuseable parts
The first take is to identify which parts of the existing website at we can reuse. Most of the content is actually pretty good and well written. So all the text is something we should save. A lot of the images are also ok. They might need a little extra work, such as resizing, re-adjusting the colors etc.

Navigation Structure
For me, one of the biggest problems with the current website for Mobilkøkken is it’s navigation struction. It really doesn’t make much sense so before we can start on the new site, we need to make a plan on how to structure the whole site. This will be a major task and one that will need carefull planing.

CMS system
Normally we could here have to consider which CMS system, would be the best choice for this project, but Mobilkøkken have already dediceded that they want to keep their existing CMS system Odeum, since most of their employees already know how to use this system. Odeum is a pretty useful CMS system, while it lacks some of the plugins and special features of other systems like wordpress, it’s pretty easy to customize. It will require a little more coding, but we will also get a more customized system that suits our needs perfectly.

Another of the big tasks, is the design. There are many who think that this is the most important part of creating a website, but I will have to disagree about this. There are plenty of great sites out there with almost no design or graphics. In my opinion the most important part, is how the site is structured, that it’s easy for the visitors for find the information or products that they are looking for. That the layout is easy to read and with clear call to actions. Right now I don’t have any idea about which design I am going to use for Mobil køkken. Hopefully I will get this part covered here in the next two weeks.

Search optimizations
Another important part that a lot of designers don’t really think about is optimizing the website for search engines. This often goes hand in hand with making it as userfriendly as possible. For instance adding enough information on the pages to make them relevant for the visitors. Using the proper titles and captions. Adding informative graphics and infographs ect. This combined with a good internal site structure will help to make your website more visible on the various search engines.

There are of course a lot of other minor tasks and many of these major tasks can be divided into smaller tasks. But it should help you get the idea of some of the thoughts I have, when taking on a big webdesign project like this one.