Creating Content for YouTube

One of the problems many potential internet marketers face is that they’re often not that confident at some of the promotional tasks that can actually drive sales.  Many of the most successful marketers both on and offline are of course, completely full of themselves and are endlessly sending out emails, blog posts and video blogs on them, their products and anything that comes into their heads.

There is of course merit in this method, producing in quantity is a good recipe for success.  The more content you put out there, the more traffic this is likely to generate.   The sad fact is that spending a thousand hours to produce 1000 pieces of work is going to be more successful than producing a single tour-de-force, sad but I’m afraid true.

The same goes for video marketing, although obviously occasionally a video will go viral and blow traffic estimates away mostly quickly, made reasonable quality videos are the method most find success with.  So how do you produce video’s quickly without them looking terrible?   Well fortunately now we have a host of tools and here’s one which is effectively an online slideshow video maker, which breaks down the process into distinct steps.

As you can see it makes it very simple to start, and complete a video promoting your goods and services very easily. The software is very advanced and breaks the steps down into small tasks which can be completed by pretty much anyone. The basis is a sort of online slideshow creator, but at the end you export this into a video format which you can upload directly to the video sharing sites.

You do need something to start off with, but basically a small script or pages from a blog promoting your service or product is sufficient. You can move from a page of text to a professional video very quickly once you get the hang of the product. No-one is going to pretend each video is going to warrant an award or immediately go viral but each one should look slick and professional. You can target specific markets very easily using this tool particularly if you have lots of promotional text and content sitting on your hard drive.

For instance, a blogger could simply take a selection of their posts and turn each one into a distinct video. These could then either target specific keywords or just uploaded with links back to the original to provide SEO benefits and traffic. When you’re up to speed and have the content ready, you can easily be uploading quality videos up to YouTube every thirty minutes or so with this online slideshow video maker.

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