Creating a Newsletter that Actually is Read

You are going to hear an awful lot about list building and how important it is to the overall success of your Internet Marketing projects.   However for any business with an online presence, creating and distributing a newsletter to your customers can be a very smart move.


The two things you need to focus on is developing the list and then putting your newsletter together. You can parlay your own unique personality into it, and this is one thing that a lot of IM marketers do not quite appreciate. There is plenty of time to send them offers, but you need patience because you are dealing with strangers and there needs to be some good relationship. What you can expect out of this article are sound tips and advice on how not to totally mess up your email newsletter.

Join forces with newsletter publishers and trade content between yourselves. You know that your readers are going to share your information with others. Why not build your list while doing this–all at the same time. If you really want this to work for you, you need to work with someone who publishes for an industry or market that complements your own. Ask them to send you some content regularly and offer to do the same thing for them. Not only will this make it easier to publish content regularly while not having to necessarily create all of it yourself, it introduces you and your business to new markets and niches. It’s a win-win for everyone involved-particularly the readers who get access to great new ideas.

It is okay to recycle material every once in a while. You shouldn’t, obviously, send out all of the same information within all of your newsletters but you should be safe sending out something that you sent out a few months ago. You’ll be even better off if you rewrite your content so that it can feel fresher. It is much better if you can get the content from somewhere outside of your newsletter, like from a podcast or a blog that your readers hopefully won’t have experienced already. Newsletters require lots of content so that it can be new with every issue you publish and coming up with all of that content can be incredibly exhausting. Just make sure you don’t recycle too often and you should be fine.

Believe it or not, you can create a promotional newsletter in the form of a product or service review service, which will actually motivate people to open your emails every time. Affiliate offers should be sent out sparingly, not in every email. If you are an affiliate for any product, talking about them in your newsletter will help you make more sales every week. And, of course, always talk about non-affiliate related products so that you appear to be operating with their best interests in mind. The perception that you will convey, when you don’t promote products every single time, is that you are honestly trying to help them save money on their purchases, not just flood your bank account with affiliate checks.

If you want to improve your newsletter for your readers there are lots of different things you can try. The things we’ve talked about here are just the start of things. As you do more work and learn more you are going to find all sorts of things that you can do to make your newsletter better. There isn’t anything to worry about, the only thing that is holding you back is your own imagination!

Harry Bond

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