Content Writing Tips for Beginners

If you’ve got a blog, website or forum up and running, then there’s one thing else you are going to need and lots of it – content.  Whatever sort of site you have then fresh content is essential, if you stay with the same stuff and never update it, slowly your visitor numbers will fall and no-one will return.

But in some ways it’s easier said than done, if you’ve been in the web business for any amount of time, you’ll know how difficult it is to keep coming up with new stuff all the time.  It’s even more difficult to come up with new and engaging content especially if you’re working in a fairly tight niche area.  Even coming up with initial ideas is often difficult and many get stuck at this level.

There are a few areas that you can pick up initial ideas though for new topics.  First of all from your current readers, look for comments and emails for the visitors you have.  If they have a question instead of answering in a brief comment – expand the answer and set up a new post or page to answer it in full.   As a variation of this – check out your analytics and see what searches are bringing in visitors.  This is not as easy to do now that Google have censored all the search queries, but you can still pick up some data from other sources.

Think about your target audience, sometimes the people who you reach and the ones that actually do find your site can be very different.  Think carefully about exactly the sort of people you’re trying to attract and then think about what sort of content they’d like to read about.  Think about what they’re interested, where they’re from any other sort of common demographics.

It doesn’t have to be just text – you can use pictures, graphics, audio or even video to add new content quite easily.   Take for example this video on YouTube about watching UK TV abroad.

It’s simply a question and the answer is demonstrated in a video form. This is often much easier to do that write a post, if you need more text write an introduction and then embed the video on your new post. If you want to keep your content unique on the site, set it to private on YouTube after you’ve embedded the video.

For instance I once had to write a piece on how to use a fake ip address which is a simple way of bypassing country based blocks from websites. However when you write about it, the subject tends to sound complicated – but if you Specific Content Creation Tips

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