Content Samurai – Making Videos Online

Video marketing is hot, and I mean very, very hot in the world of internet marketing. For people starting out in online marketing it offers a fast track to making an income fast. Traditionally the route for new starters wanting to create an online income have revolved around starting blogs or websites and promoting those. Although this still does work, it can take an awful lot of time and effort to start seeing any results with these methods – however start with video and you can start making money very quickly.

The core reason is that video sites like YouTube are incredibly popular and also generate lots of traffic both internally and via the search engines. Of course when your owner runs the biggest search engine on the planet, it always helps with traffic. So if you want fast results forget about long winded blog posts that no-one ever reads (like this one!) and start uploading those videos and make some cash.

However it might not be that easy, making videos can seem like much more of a challenge than writing a few blogs posts. Although it needn’t be, this new software from Content Samurai is described as video making software online – you can see it in action here.

If you take a few moments to watch you’ll see how clever it is. Most video software is pretty complicated, and although you can create amazing videos with programs like Camtasia there is a steep learning curve. The other crucial factor is time, for many internet marketers quantity is vital. You don’t want to spend hours creating a video extravaganza which get’s uploaded to YouTube and the inexplicably only gets a handful of viewers. The best approach is to create lots of decent looking videos with combinations of tags and titles and see which ones work and which don’t.

This is the method that the majority of successful video marketers use, they create lots of videos and promote the ones that start getting traffic. Without volume thought this method is doomed to failure, which is why Content Samurai is so innovative. It drives you through the process of creating a slideshow style video, quickly and easily – all you need is a little time and a basic script which can even come from a sales or information page. Each step is automated so that after you complete a stage you’re moved onto the next, with a little practice you can easily create a professional looking video in about 30 minutes and probably much less with practice.

The whole program works online so there’s no software to install and you can operate within a browser. You do need a reasonable specified computer and a working microphone, it’s probably worth investing a few pounds in a decent headset for this as it will make the audio you produce much clearer.

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