Building Links to your Site Can be Tough

Link building is one of those things that every web master denies doing but we all end up having to. The reality is that at the moment all the search engines all value links in their algorithms and if you ain’t got any, you won’t have any traffic either!

At first glance, link building doesn’t appear to be hard. After all, how hard can it be to set up a few simple links to your website or business? The truth is that it is more involved than that. You could always try the “hope” strategy by establishing a few profiles on directory sites and hoping it all works out. You have to be ready to do some serious work, though, if you expect your link building efforts to help in the marketing of your site and company. Thus, you probably want to know what strategies you can apply for better link building. Keep reading this article and find out.

Give the novices in your industry a hand. Do you remember what it was like when you first started out? You would frequently build links to people who had done something to motivate you or to give you a hand, didn’t you? You can be an inspiration to others. Be inventive too, try and use different tactics to build useful and relevant links to your site. If you’re web pages are about British TV programmes, then don’t mess around building links from health or finance sites – look to your own niches for real power.

chains-502880_640You can publish a series of eBooks and articles offering advice to the newbies in your industry and you can put them up on your site or use another platform like the Kindle. Your help will be greatly appreciated. You’ll be able to prove to people that you are an expert. When these two things come together, the result is a lot of quality backlinks. If you want a way to generate more visitors, post a survey on your site. You shouldn’t, however, just pick a random survey. Every site has a different type of visitor, and you have to choose a survey that’s a good match for yours. That survey should also be something that people will want to check back in on. A survey can also serve as a pre-sell for an upcoming release, as when you ask people to vote on the “best title for my next report.” This not only lets people know about your next product, it gets them involved and makes them think about it. When people share this survey, you’ll get in influx of links.

A contest that gives your visitors a chance to cast their vote on some issue can be a viral link building tactic. Hold a contest for the best site design in your niche or the best video or -well, anything really. The idea, of course, is to get plenty of entries from your visitors. You want them to tell their friends and followers to vote for you. This means that, yes, you will need to have a good prize but the prize you build will be well worth the effort. Some people might want to enter several times to increase their chances of winning. You never know where news about your contest might end up. Building links requires a lot things. Some people believe that link building is some constant tasks that are done daily. Maybe this happens sometimes. But, usually this is not going to be enough. Be willing to work hard on a daily basis. It takes time for your link building efforts to pay off but once they do, they will pay off in spades. Use the tips we’ve shared here to help you get started.

John Hamish