Important – Bring Down Your Bounce Rate for A Higher Performing Site

Many people are unaware of how their bounce rate can affect how their business site performs. It’s possible you do not even know what bounce rate is, so here is a very short definition. Basically, a bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site that come to your home page, and then leave. Additionally, the visitor never leaves the home page to visit any other page on your website. They simply leave. Obviously, this can be very problematic, something you should see almost immediately. The lowest bounce rate possible – this is a goal that you should have. We will now show you how to lower this number using these simple strategies.


If you want to give yourself a good edge, you can use some measuring and tracking software to help yourself out. Many people like to use Google Analytics but there are a ton of alternatives on the market. Another really important and smart move is to do some testing–it goes a long way and it kind of goes hand in hand. Do this on just one page and then compare this to another page that has similar amounts of traffic. From here, optimize that same page and then see if you notice any changes as you watch your tracking numbers. Every single time you change something, track your visitor traffic and numbers and then check to see if your change was a positive change or a negative one.

It’s worth checking locations too, make sure you  know where your visitors are coming from.  It there’s a lot of variation then consider having different landing pages based on which country they’re for.  To test you can change your IP address online, using this software.

Several of our other articles have discussed the negative impact of ads on your websites. But for now let’s think about where you place your ads on each page. It is important that you do not place your advertisements near some page elements. Keeping your navigation buttons and links away from ads is important. One thing about poor ad placement is that can cause confusion and mainly be an annoyance. Your content should be easy to read, and your navigation buttons and links should be easy to use and find. Moving elements or flashing lights in your advertisements is something you should not have on your website. Keep that in mind.

Many things contribute to why people leave your site to quickly. If the reader is distracted continuously, this could contribute to high bounce rate ratios. The reason that some readers leave is because of the distractions themselves. People leave your site if they are exposed to so many distractions they can no longer deal with them. Not only have we all experienced this, but most of us have left sites due to flash ads, clashing colors and other things. If people do not check out the rest of your site, leaving immediately upon arriving at the home page, your bounce rate will increase, and your rankings will diminish.

After reading this article, if you need to decrease your bounce rate, the good news is that there are many ways to do this. Lowering your bounce rate is something that you can do. This is the good news we are talking about. The quality of your traffic, and an assortment of other factors, will influence the bounce rate that you have. Essentially, by sending targeted traffic to your site, you can lower your bounce rate to nominal levels.

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