Balancing graphics and functionality

In designing a website, people tend to get overly obsessed with the graphics and how to make the site look nice. Of course, the way a website looks had a huge impact on conversion rates especially on ecommerce sites. Even with personal websites, the site design says a lot about the brand; people will have a first impression of the site based on how it is presented.

Web design is tricky business. You will have to play with colors and color themes based on what kind of site it is. There are a lot of predesigned themes, even premium ones which caters different kinds websites such as for business, photography, arts, writing, amongst many others. There has to be a balance of graphics and functionality of the site. You have to play with div layers and CSS to achieve the look you want without compromising certain user functions.

In searching the web, I have encountered an optin box in a slider on a home page of a certain site. If you know website development, you would also know that these homepage sliders are just a series of featured posts which are set to come up on page in the slider. Most featured posts contains just written content and a picture that best describes the content. With this certain website, an optin box and a video post came up in the slider, and ever since, I have been trying to learn how to do this as well.

If you lack the time to fully design your website’s graphics, you can just use a clean minimalist theme like what I did here on my website about outdoor swing sets for kids. Put up the most basic functions you want like the search box, and the ability to sort out post into categories, and you’re set. You can always improve your site and add graphics later on – it’s the content that needs to be up there as soon as possible. This is good for search engine optimization as well.

If you want an ecommerce site, it is better if you get an ecommerce theme from the get go. That way, you know that it does indeed have all the functionality you want that is needed for an ecommerce site.