Wanna Punch Him – He’s Actually a Success

There is no doubt that Mcdonald’s probably have one of the most popular and iconic designs in the history of design – the famous golden arches.  However in other areas they don’t seem to have been quite so effective.  Over the years Mcds have had a few mascots, the longest running of course the singularly annoying Ronald McDonald.  The latest design is at first glance, well awful – here it is.


I’m not sure why but like many, I find him extremely creepy.  He’s certainly not the ‘happy’ face I’d choose to promote a kiddies meal available at a popular fast food restaurant.    If you look across social media, you’ll find many more with the same opinion – calling him scary, weird and just unpleasant.

So how is the fast food giant responding ?  Well mostly they are very pleased. Of course no one is that impressed with having their designs criticized and complained about.   However the goal of this mascot is to draw attention to their range of happy meals and the new related items appearing on  their menus.

But the reality is that every blog post, every Tweet or share or troll on social media that picks fun over the mascot is basically increasing it’s reach and profile.    Just like this post which is effectively bringing a brand name to anyone who reads it.

In fact the mascot called erm ‘happy’ has been used internationally for some years already.  He is only new to the US market and he’s already creating quite a profile for himself and his company and product line.  There are measurements about how successful a brand or image in online and the companies who track these tell us he’s been a bit of a hit.

It’s always difficult for a worldwide brand to select mascots and brand designs which appeal to people across the world.  Mainly because of the simple fact that people are different – just look at the adverts you’ll see on US TV stations and compare them with say a European/British TV advert and you’ll see an enormous difference.    You can check online to watch these, American viewers can use this technique which demonstrates how to watch BBC iPlayer in the US – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VYyV0vrTfM

So perhaps that design doesn’t need universal acclaim to become successful, sometimes it just to just promote opinions.

Watch BBC News Live – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdEx5VAS4dU