Month: January 2015

Traditional Marketing Techniques Work Online Too!

Fire, aim, ready – Unfortunately this is the approach most of the new (and even some experienced) Internet based business owners and entrepreneurs take in their efforts. There isn’t anything wrong with feeling excited or enthusiastic when you want to create a business of your very own. Firstly, before you know it, those feelings will […]

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Promotion techniques for your Facebook Fan Pages

Proper promotion of Facebook fan pages is one of the biggest problems marketers need to solve today. Getting new fans to the page you have created is important to your success because having a large fan base can be quite helpful. An easy way to reach out to a large number of people in your […]

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Webhosting For Your Website

Even the best designed website suffer if it’s not hosted at a proper webhotel. With a good webdesign you can optimize things such as load time, caching etc. But if the server is overcrowded and you don’t get enough free resources for your website then it will not run smoothly. Some people try to save […]

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